Home of Quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Home of Quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

MeadowMist Nigerians is a small farm located in southern Michigan dedicated to producing healthy, happy, high producing Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats with excellent genetics.

Available Goats

Img 6026

Galarina is a very pretty chamoisee doeling from a lot of Fairland Farm genetics- she may be a chocolate chamoisee. Her dam easily earned her milk Star last year as a first freshener and her sire’s dam is our doe Olive who was 89th percentile in milk production for the Nigerian breed in 2023 despite being milked just once a day for half her lactation. Galarina is destined to be a very good to excellent milk producer with the conformation desired in a show goat. She has a sweet disposition like her mother and her maternal grandmother GCH Fairland Farm AR Sirius 1*M.

Img 6068

Bentley is an exciting, very long and dairy buckling; he will make a wonderful show buck (he is a very flashy chocolate chamoise and white) as well as being a sire of show quality animals. His sire is Agape's Prize Nutty Buddy who comes from an exceptionally strong maternal line whose granddam and great-granddam are both National Champions. We are closely following the career of Buddy's beautiful dam CH Agape's Prize Lil' Debutante VEEE 91 at age 3; Debbie has been 2nd place at Nationals as a milking yearling, 2 year old and 3 year old. Bentley's dam is our good show doe MeadowMist PE Cookie Monster VVVV 88 who did very well as a 3 year old, winning some very large, competetive classes. If you are looking for a serious show prospect/herd sire, Bentley may be the buck for you.

Img 6793

Bismarck is an extremely masculine kid with a wide perfect head, level topline and amazing width between the hocks. He does have blue eyes and more importantly an extremely good pedigree. His dam Ziggy has not been on milk test due to kidding very late last year but she has a very capacious udder and production consistent with all of our Invigorated daughters. 

Img 6971

Tasmanian Tiger is a very long and dairy individual like both of his parents. His dam is one of our top show does and his sire is now a finished champion who is producing exceptional kids. Tiger Lily’s 3rd freshening udder has tremendous capacity. Taz will be an excellent herd sire as well as a top show contender. 

Img 7692

Lady Tiger is an elegant little doeling with just the right amount of flash. I would really like to retain this kid but will make her available to a performance herd- she really needs to be shown. I freshened 2 yearling full sisters this year and am very happy with their udders. 

Img 7672

Tropic Tiger is a very long and dairy kid with an exceptional pedigree. His dam Tiger Lily is one of our top show does and his sire CH Agape’s Prize Nutty Buddy has produced kids with great consistency. His first crop of first fresheners have not disappointed. Tiger will be an asset to any herd and should excel in the show ring too. 

Img 7582

Keepsake is a lovely daughter of our top producing doe Circle D Ranch QT Olive. Plans were to retain and show this flashy little doe but we are having to do a major herd reduction so Keepsake is being offered to a performance home. 

Img 7712

Surfer Girl is a very pretty chamoisee and white dry yearling. Surfer Girl sadly she sustained a bad break to her left hind leg. She has made a remarkable recovery and will be sound enough for breeding. We are offering her once she has healed a little longer to an approved home. This is a good opportunity to add some Nutty Buddy genetics at a bargain price. His yearling daughters that were bred have all freshened with lovely udders.

Photos courtesy of Agape's Prize/Hilltop Farm, Susan Asmusan/Wood Bridge Farm, StraightWay Farm, Cheryle Moore-Smith/Old Mountain Farm, and JW-TL  Farm

Img 7577

MeadowMist NB Golden Nugget is a beautifully balanced, very dairy young doeling from our repeated cross with Buddy and Monster. We have 2 yearling full sisters who are first fresheners here or we would be retaining Nugget. She has a very promising career as a show doe. 

2024 Breeding Schedule

Explore our carefully planned breeding schedule for 2024.

MeadowMist CC Akiko

Freshened 2-19-24 triplets (2B, 1D) #Freshening: 7th
S2 Buck polled (retained)                                                                                                                                  S3 Doe polled (retained)                                                                                                                                   S4 Wether polled $100 available

MeadowMist PE Cookie Monster

Due Date: 3-30-24 confirmed
Available: 3D $450
#Freshening: 4th

Gypsy Moon HS Kahlua

Freshened 2-19-24, single doeling, #Freshening: 6th
S1 Doe- Retained

Junior Does

MeadowMist NB Fiasco

Fiasco is an exquisite chamoisee and white doeling out of MeadowMist PE Cookie Monster who has won some large classes this year as a 3 year old. Fiasco is growing very well and was bred for May, 2024.

Photos Courtesy of Agape's Prize/Hilltop Farm, Cheryle Moore-Smith/Old Mountainn Farm, Kyeema Ridge, Caprine Acres, Gypsy Moon Nigerians, Doodle Acres

MeadowMist NB U-See-It

U-See-It is a very classy long and level gold/white doeling out of Hadley’s doe MeadowMist IV Mix Up.  I claimed her from birth, she just has the “it” factor.  U-See-It has been bred for May 2024 and will hopefully hit the showring as a yearling milker.

Photos courtesy of Agape's Prize/Hilltop Farm, Susan Asmusan/Wood Bridge Farm, StraightWay Farm, Cheryle Moore-Smith/Old Mountain Farm, and JW-TL  Farm


Sandi has been very helpful with educating us on goats and their care. We love our goats we purchased for 4-H fair for our 3 kids.

Amanda Stamp-Hoff

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sandi and her herd. She takes loving care of each of her goats and has been extremely helpful with my beginner goat family! Sandi has gone above and beyond to help us select or goats as suited for our family. Then she has welcomed us to her farm to visit. She has always patiently answered all our questions and we've had many as newbies!

You will not be disappointed to work with Sandi to find your next kid to join your herd.

Amy Taylor