Sutton’s Sassys

Granddaughter Sutton is bold and sassy like her little goats. Sutton has loved goats since infancy and especially loves feeding the bottle babies. Her first goat is a wether she named Timmy who was a special needs little fellow from the get go. He continues to be a favorite and helps us with heat detection in the fall.

When Sutton was 3, we were at a goat show where big sister Hadley was first trying her hand at showing. Not to be outdone Sutton grabbed the leash of a junior kid who was not even trained to walk yet (Cha Cha Cha) and walked into the ring saying, “I got it Grandma Goat, I got it.” Needless to say it was about the cutest thing ever. She did not win but she did stick to it in a very long and large class.

After the showing incident the previous year it was apparent that Sutton needed a goat of her own to show. She chose a daughter of Cha whom she named Snickerdoodle. We returned to the South West Michigan show that fall with Snickerdoodle coming along for Sutton to show. I doubt that many 4 year old children have won Grand Champion but she and Snickerdoodle did just that!

When Sutton was 5 she added another wether to her little herd whom she named Bruno. At that time she was obsessed with the Disney movie Incanto which has a song We Don’t Talk About Bruno. That seemed pretty appropriate as our wether count is getting a little high however Bruno is a much loved member. He and Timmy are both sons of our special doe Muffin. Since Muffin is loathe to give us any does, we have kept her sons.

In 2023 after big sister Hadley got her doeling from Agape’s Prize I decided it was time for Sutton to have another show doeling. She continued to show Snickerdoodle in showmanship and in the 2 year old class this year. So we picked out an adorable chocolate and white doeling sired by Agape’s Prize Nutty Buddy that Sutton named Skittles. So far they have attended one 3 ring show and plan to attend more in 2024 as a dry yearling. Sutton got to stay at the farm for the first time without her parents this year and was a big help with feeding, watering and sweeping the nursery. She also spent plenty of time socializing Skittles and was able to observe the Linear Appraisal session.

I am so proud of Sutton’s determination and her “let’s grab the bull by the horns and get ‘er done” approach to life. It’s so wonderful to have her joining us at shows, I think she has a very bright future ahead. Meanwhile she is still pondering the decision of what buck to use for Snickerdoodle this year, and of course, what to name the babies!