2024 Breeding Schedule

MeadowMist CC Akiko

Freshened 2-19-24 triplets (2B, 1D) #Freshening: 7th
S2 Buck polled (retained)                                                                                                                                  S3 Doe polled (retained)                                                                                                                                   S4 Wether polled $100 available

Gypsy Moon HS Kahlua

Freshened 2-19-24, single doeling, #Freshening: 6th
S1 Doe- Retained

Flat Rock’s Illumination

Freshened 2-23-24 1B 2nd Freshening
S5 WEther- $100


Freshened 3/11/24 single doeling 
#Freshening: 3rd

S9 Doe- Retained


MeadowMist IV Celestial Rising

Freshened 3/11/24 with triplets
#Freshening: 2nd

S10 Wether chamoise- $100 available                                  
S11 Doeling chamoise/white- $400 available           
S12 Doeling chamoisee/white-$400 available



MeadowMist CP Lil Ragamuffin

Freshened 3/11/24 with triplet bucks
#Freshening: 5th 

S10 Wether choc chamoise-$100 SOLD.                                            

S11 Wether chamoise- $100  SOLD.                                                   

 S12 Wether gold- $100 SOLD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Circle D Ranch QT Olive

Freshened 3/9/24, triplets
#Freshening: 4th

S6 Doe chamoisee- $500 SOLD.                                                              
S7 Buck- choc chamoise/white- $500 Available.  
S8 Doe chamoisee/white- Retained


Freshened 3/16/24 quadruplets 
#Freshening: 1st

S16 Wether gold- $100 SOLD                                     
S17 Doe chamoisee/white-$400 SOLD        
S18 Wether chamoisee- $100 SOLD.              
S19 Doe chamoisee/white- $400 SOLD

MeadowMist DP Lil' Legend

Freshened 3/1/24 with triplets, 1 doa
#Freshening: 2nd

S20 Wether chocolate chamoise- $100                       
S21 Doe chamoisee- Retained



MeadowMist IV Mix Up

Freshened 3/20/24 twins.  
#Freshening: 4th

S22 Buck/wether chamoise $350/$100.                  
S23 Doe chamoisee/white- $450 Available

MeadowMist PE Cookie Monster

Due Date: 3-30-24 confirmed
Available: 3D $450
#Freshening: 4th


Due Date: 3-30-24 confirmed
Available: 3D $400
#Freshening: 2nd

MeadowMist IV Goldikova

Due Date: 4-1-24 confirmed
Available: 3D $400
#Freshening: 1st

MeadowMist DP Oopsy Daisy

Due Date: 4-8-24 confirmed
Available: 2D $400
#Freshening: 1st

MeadowMist NB U-See-It

Due Date: May 22, 2024 confirmed
Available: 2D (Possible blue eyes) $400
#Freshening: 1st

MeadowMist NB Water Lily

Due Date: May 24, 2024 confirmed
Available: 2D $400
#Freshening: 1st

H and Ziggy

Due Date: 5-24-24 confirmed
Available: 2D $400
#Freshening: 2nd

MeadowMist NB Fiasco

Due Date: 5-28-24 confirmed
Available: 2D $400
#Freshening: 1st

MeadowMist NB All That Glitters

Due Date: 5-28-24 confirmed
Available: 2D (Possible polled) $400
#Freshening: 1st

MeadowMist V ReJoyce

Due Date: 5-31-24 Confirmed
Available: 2 D possible polled $400
#Freshening: 1st

MeadowMist NB Stargazer

Due Date: 6-2-24 Confirmed
Available: 2D $400
#Freshening: 1st

MeadowMist PE Tiger Lily

Due Date: 6-3-24 Confirmed
Available: 3D 2B $500
#Freshening: 3rd


Due Date:  6-4-24 confirmed

Available: 3 does $400

Freshening:  1st

Rock-N-Ridge WL Kahlua

Due Date: 6-13-24 Confirmed
Available: 3D (Possible moon spots)$450
#Freshening: 7th

MeadowMist NB Into The Mystic

Due Date: 6-24-24 Confirmed
Available: 2D $450
#Freshening: 1st

Agape’s Prize Witchcraft (Pyrite)

Due: 7-2-24

Available: 1 d , $400

Lacation: 1st

Winning Streak EB Carbonado

Due Date:
Available: 2B (Possible blue eyes) $750
#Freshening: 5th

Fairland Farm AR Sirius

Due Date:  7/8/24
Available: 2B $650
#Freshening: 8th