In this section we will feature our animals that have been retired or sold.

Fairland Farm Tofu Thyme

Tofu was my first Nigerian Dwarf doe and will forever be my favorite. She was the herd queen and babysitter to many generations of kids. Tofu only had 2 litters, the first a single doeling and the last was a pair of bucklings that required a c-section. Only one of the bucklings survived and Tofu never settled again after having the c-section. Tofu passed from cancer in the summer of 2023 and is very sadly missed.

Little Tots Estate Acer Rubrum


Fairland Farm HP Pegasus

Rosasharn SH Ginger Cake

SG Rosasarn SH Ginger Cake 5*M EVEV 90 has been an important foundation doe here at MeadowMist. Ginger is a previous Elite doe and is a grandaughter of ARMCH SG Rosasharn Buckwheat Honey 3*M. In 2023 Ginger had a single buckling delivered by c-section who unfortunately did not survive.  Ginger has earned her retirement here and spends her days with the other pensioned does and wethers. 

Rosasharn BB Son of Honey




Rosasharn HB Gari


Rosasharn BH Cashew Turtle

Rosasharn BH Cashew Turtle 5*M +EVV 86 was one of our first foundation does here at MeadowMist. She arrived fromRosasharn Farm by plane carrying a precious cargo that turned out to be 3 bucklings, the 2nd litter ever delivered here. Turtle is a much loved family member- while Ginger has the royal bearing of an empress, Turtle is more like the court jester. Both does were born in 2012 and both are grandaughters of ARMCH SG Rosasharn Buckwheat Honey 3*M, the genetics that I was specifically seeking. Turtle's most significant contribution has been through her sons, many of which have become very successful sires.  Our doe Olive is a great grandaughter of Turtle via her paternal line. Turtle did not settle in 2023 so the decision was made to retire her. She especially loves babysitting duty so she remains with the main herd.

Rosasharn TL Bully Hill




Rosasharn Tom's Bit-O-Honey


MeadowMist L Zoe

MeadowMist L Zoe was granddaughter Hadley's first NIgerian doe and she has had some nice litters for us. Zoe experienced some leg problems as a 2 year old so has not been shown since she was a yearling. Partly because we now have so many does and partly because Zoe does NOT like to cooperate on the milkstand she has been retired from breeding. She is now a happy member of our retired does and wethers herd and still demands cookies and scratches.

Gypsy Moon A Lazuli


Gypsy Moon ES Zabaione

Cha Litter

MeadowMist CP Cha Cha Cha is another daughter of SG Rosasharn SH Ginger Cake 5*M that we reluctantly sold in 2023, some cuts are very hard to make. We have retained Cha's daughter MeadowMist IV Snickerdoodle.

Castle Rock Copper Penny


Minuet 2018 3

MeadowMist My Minuet 6*M was our first daughter out of SG Rosasharn SH Ginger Cake 5*M. She was sired by foundation buck Gypsy Moon SM MAi Tai *B and earned her restricted leg as an intermediate kid. The appraiser really had wonderful things to say about Minuet, she is a powerhouse but yet still very dairy in character. Minuet was sold with a group of does to Whiffletree Farm when they were just starting out and continues to live on that farm.

Rumba 1

MeadowMist MT Rum-Ba 6*M is a beautiful white daaughter of SG Rosasharn SH Ginger Cake 5*M. Rum-Ba is sired by our foundation buck Gypsy Moon SM Mai Tai *B and easily earned her restricted leg as a senior kid. She was sold with a group of does to a fellow breeder who was just starting a breeding program but her lagacy lives on here through her daughter MeadowMist CP Lil' Ragamuffin 7*M who will remain here for life.

Img 2481

MeadowMist M Quinoa Thyme *B was Fairland Farm Tofu Thyme's 2nd and last offspring. He was sired by Turtle's son Rosasharn Moose Tracks *B. We sold Quinoa as a kid and he returned home for awhile before being sold again. Had I known that she would not settle again he would have stayed.  I did purchase a doe kid sired by Quinoa who bears a great likeness to Tofu and she is our wonderful doe Circle D Ranch QT Olive 1*M.

Rosasharn Moose Tracks


Mai Tai 4

Gypsy Moon SM Mai Tai *B (Deceased) was our foundation herd sire. Mai Tai was a cross between J-Nels and Rosasharn genetics.


J-Nels LY Siu Mai


Gypsy Moon CM Akoya