2021 Breeding Schedule

The 2021 schedule has been completed and is ready to get reservations in place. We are hoping to take a couple of juniors to Nationals in July so that is an exciting goal. Plans are to breed 😬 22 does- how did this happen?! Our show string we plan to freshen in April/May fingers crossed. We plan to breed 3-4 juniors from 2020 for May freshening. 

9th freshening- Freshened 2/22/21 triplets
N1- buck, Chamoise-$400 pending
N2- buck, buckskin- $400 available
N3- buck, buckskin/chami combo-$400 Sold

4th freshening- freshened 2/25/21 triplets
N4-doe choc buckskin/moon spots $400 Sold
N5-buck chc light buckskin, blue eyes $300 Sold
N6-tiny wether, tri color $100 Sold

Second freshening-Freshened 2/25/21, triplets (2b, 1d)
N7 wether- tri color $100 Sold
N8 doe- buckskin/white $400 Sold
N9 wether- dk gold/white $100 Sold

4th freshening- Freshened 3/6/2 buck/doe twins
N10 doe- black/white $400 pending
N11 wether - ext white/ buckskin $100 Sold

Second freshening- Freshened 3/19/21 quads (3d, 1b)
N12 Doe- gold/white, $400 Sold
N13 Doe- dark gold, deceased
N14 Doe- gold/white, $400 Sold
N15 Buck- dark gold, $400 Sold

7th freshening- Freshened 3/20/21, triplet bucks
N16 Buck, buckskin/chami combo Deceased
N17 Buck- chamoise/white $600 available
N18 Buck, dark chamoisee $600 Sold

Second freshening- Freshened 3/20/21, triplet does
N22 doe- buckskin/chami combo $400 Sold
N23 doe- buckskin/white $400 Sold
N24 doe- white/buckskin Deceased

First freshening-freshened 3/20/21, triplets (2d, 1b)
N19 doe, chamoisee, $400 Sold
N20 doe,buckskin/chami combo- retained
N21 wether, gold/white $100 Sold

8th freshening- freshened 4/3/21, triplets (2b, 1d)
N29 buck, gold $800, pending
N30 doe, gold, retained
N31 buck, chamoise, $800 available

Third freshening-Freshened 4-1-21 with quads (2d, 2b)
N25 buck, chocolate chami/white, $400 available
N26 doe, chocolate chamoise with white belt, $450, pending
N27 doe, chamoisee&white, retained
N28 buck, white/chami, $450, available

Fourth freshening-freshened 4/4/21, triplets (2b, 1d)
N32 doe, chamoise/roan, polled, blue eyes $450 Sold
N33 buck, dk chamoise, $400 Pending
N34 buck, gold, polled, blue eyes $500 Pendng

First freshening- freshened 4/12/21 twins (b,d) doeling was lost during birth
N36 wether- $100 Sold

Second freshening, freshened 4/10/21, single doe
N35 doe- white/buckskin $400 Sold

2nd freshening-freshened 4-16-21 single buck
N37 buck- gold, blue eyes, $400 Sold

2nd freshener- freshened 4/23/21, triplets (2b, 1d)
N38 doe- chamoisee- Sold
N39 wether- chamoise $100- Sold
N40 buck- gold $450, Sold

1st freshening- freshened 5/11/21 buck/doe twins
N46 wether- black/white$100 pending
N47 doe- gold/white, retained

First freshening- Freshened 5/9/21 buck/doe twins.
N44 buck- chamoise/white $300 pending
N45 doe- chocolate buckskin, $400- sold

MeadowMist SW Cocoa Puff

First freshening, freshened 5/8/21, triplets (2 d, 1 b)
N41 Doe- $400 pending
N42 Doe- retained
N43 buck- chamoise $350 available

5th freshening-freshened 5/17/21 twin does
M48 Doe chamoisee retained
M49 Doe choc chamoisee, $800 Sold

First freshener- freshened 5/25/21
N50 wether- chamoise/white $100- available

Third freshening, freshened 6-13-21 with buck/doe twins
M51 Doe, chamoisee, Sold
M52 Buck, Chami/buckskin combo, $400 Available

Tinker Bell, now 10, shows no signs at all of aging. She is milking very well, has large teats and is easy to milk by hand. Repeating this breeding by popular demand! Doelings $400

MeadowMist L Cobalt

“Baby Lua” has been crossed with Lazuli and a Turtle son previously for super nice kids so pairing her with a Turtle son sired by Lazuli. Blue eyes and moon spots possible. Does $400

Repeating this breeding which gave us Monster and Broom Hilda- a really good cross. Doelings $400

Repeating 2020 pairing which resulted in a pair of gorgeous doelings. Doelings- $400

This should be an awesome cross and can’t wait to see Zoe’s 2nd f Udder. Her udder is socked on, very globular with excellent plumb teat placement. Blue eyes possible. Doelings $400

Turtle is happy, healthy and sound again, she is past 500 days lactation and still going so we are excited at the chance to get another daughter from her. Doelings $700 Bucklings $600

With Copper sidelined by an
Injury we chose Phantom, grandams of these kids will be SG Rosasharn SH Ginger Cake 5*M and SG Stonebroke Farm N Linnaea Rose 1*M!!
Doelings $400

Cha did not settle last year so fingers crossed! These should be some exceptional kids with Castle Rock, Rosasharn and Wood Bridge Farm genetics in the first 2 generations Doelings $400

Ginger has been on the Elite Doe list twice and is a heavy milker. We will retain both a doe and a buck from this much anticipated litter, planning on Feb freshening. Doelings $800
Bucklings $800

Tentatively planning to breed Kahlua to a Phantom for an April freshening, Does $450

Lots of Zanzabeez in this cross and Akiko has an amazing udder. Blue eyes and polled possible.

Maz Is a darling little doe, we are breeding her to Jr buck Blizzard to add some leg length. Blue eyes possible. Doelings $400

Destiny is our returning daughter of Turtle. These should be flashy, very dairy kids with excellent udders on both sides. Doelings $400

Blue eyes possible. Muffin has milked extremely well as a first freshener. Doelings $400

Gemini is our exciting yearling daughter of Wood Bridge Farm Dot Matrix, expecting show kids with moon spots.

Heavy Kaapio Acres genetics as well as Castle Rock Expecting moonspots and possible blue eyes, these should be excellent show kids! Doelings $400

This will be a later litter but we are anxious to freshen a daughter of Phantom. Doelings $400

Cocoa Puff will be a 2 year old ff as she is a very small doe. Kids will most likely be chocolate chamoisee. Does $400

Our beautiful Sirius! We now have 3 of her daughters and want more! Expecting chamoisee with this pairing and moon spots. Planning on May freshening as we are pointing Sirius towards Nationals. Doelings $800 Bucklings $700

We are pairing Olive with junior buck Blizzard. Blue eyes possible. Doelings $400

Wing Ding unfortunately did not settle and is now penned with Invigorated as we have not caught her back in heat. Doelings $400