As we have evolved, we have had to part with some of our herd. Never an easy thing to do, these animals have been instrumental in getting us to where we are now and most of them have offspring here to carry their torch. 

Gypsy Moon SM Mai Tai *B

Gypsy Moon SM Mai Tai*B

Gypsy Moon SM Mai Tai*B

Mai Tai was our first and foremost herd sire, arriving from Gypsy Moon as a very sweet bottle baby. He remained affectionate and very gentle while siring many successful kids for us. When it became time to cut the buck pen down from 8 to 3 we were very fortunate to find a wonderful home for him. Sadly he is now deceased

Fields of Grace CB Firekeeper

Fields of Grace CB Firekeeper

Fields of Grace CB Firekeeper

Firekeepee was our second buck, a little rascal who would never take the bottle. Firekeeper gave us some very nice kids in the time he was here including MeadowMist F Brown Ale who recently earned a first leg of his championship. Firekeeper does have horns which were becoming a problem with the younger bucks so he moved to a new farm  Firekeeper is now deceased.

Gypsy Moon CM Akoya 5*M

Akoya has been a wonderful doe for us, easy to milk, easy to handle, consistently out-producing herself. We have had many wonderful kids from Akoya and know she will continue to do well back at home at Gypsy Moon Farm.  Akoya's absence was immediatrly felt in the milk pail. It has been a pleasure and an honor to have owned her for the past few years. 

MeadowMist MT Numero Uno

We very sadly said goodbye to Uno, the first kid to bear our herd name and our only daughter of Turtle.  Just 2 years old, Uno produced 2 very nice sets of twins, one of them being MeadowMist HD WingDing, our first daughter of Dauntless to freshen. 

Rosasharn PLW Bella Sonata

Bella came to us as a 6 month old kid and soon blossomed into a beautiful young doe. She produced 2 litters while here, sadly her only doe kid died during birth at her first freshening. While we do not have part of Bella's legacy to carry the torch, we are very happy with her new home and look forward to seeing her in the show ring soon.

Sadly, Bella passed away after kidding in 2019

Gypsy Moon SM Girl Crush

Crusher was a 2 year old first Freshener that we have had since she was a kid. She has a very sweet personality and very patiently endured treatment for listeriosis which was our first and hopefully last case of that terrible illness. In 2018 she presented us with buck/doe twins sired by Castle Rock Copper Penny, the doeling being one of the best we produced all year. We wish Crusher much success in her new home where she is receiving lots of love and attention and is the undisputed queen of the new little herd. 

Stonebroke Farm N Linnaea Rose 1*M

Linnaea came to us as a tiny kid and was always a pleasure to show and own. She gave us quadruplets in Jan 2019 and 3 litters prior to that.  It was a difficult decision to part with Linnaea but she has a great opportunity with our friends at Whiffle Tree Farm, she is being shown and she is much loved by a special little girl. Although Linnaea is greatly missed, we are extremely happy with her placement in such a wonderful home.

Gypsy Moon DH Roobi 1*M

Roobi came to us from Geaogia via Delta Airlines. She was a very robust girl and also was pregnant so that was a bit of a large bill! Roobi was the herd queen here for 3 years. She was the first doe to ever freshen here at MeadowMist and gave us triplet doelings, Onyx Amulet who we still have was the first born. Roobi was a true southern girl. We purchased her due to her being a daughter of Algedi Farm DJ Drops of Honey +*B, and she is one of the does that helped to earn Honey his +.

Roobi never adapted well to the cold climate (although she had her own special blanket) and spent much of her time with significant hair loss. We decided to let her return to the south where she had a great home for 3 years. She never had any hairloss or skin issues after she returned to the south. Sadly Roobi passed away in the summer of 2019 due to a severe bloat but we will always have fond memories of her and still have her daughter to carry on.

Gypsy Moon ES Zabaione

Zabi came to us as a yearlinjg from Gypsy Moon in S.C. She had 3 litters while here but her 2019 litter was a single doe which was doa. This was a hard delivery mainly due to it being a large single but we were able to keep her in milk. An opportunity came up to place her with a wonderful 4-H family who wanted to show and try their hand at miking. Zabi milks out very easily and is very gentle with the children. She has been to a couple of shows this year plus the fair. So although we hated to see her go, we are very happy to have her placed at Triple Z Farm.

Rosasharn Moose Tracks *B

Moose was born here at MeadowMist after we purchased his pregnant mother Rosasharn BH Cashew Turtle 5*M. He was the last surviving son of the triplet bucks born that year. Somehow we failed to retain any of his daughters which was a huge oversight on our part. Moose passed away in 2019 while on lease and his presence will be greatly missed. 

MeadowMist M Quinoa Thyme *B

Quinoa is the handsome son of Rosasharn Moose Tracks and our beloved Fairland Farm Tofu Thyme 1*M. After breeding him to a few does for 2020, Quinia left for his new home in northern Michigan where he has a harem all his own. As a c-section baby, Quinoa May have been slightly spoiled and will always have a special place in our hearts. 

Cats Cradle SR He’s Dauntless

Dauntless came to us as a very tiny baby by way of Missouri. He has been an influential herdsire here and we have retained 3 of his daughters. We are undergoing some downsizing and have had to face the reality of our buck hoarding ways so Dauntless has headed south to begin a new career at Gypsy Moon Farm. 

Gypsy Moon A Lazuli

Little Lazuli has been a farm favorite from the time he arrived as a baby. Lazuli has had many litters here and we retain 3 daughters and a son to carry his torch. He is a tough one to let go but has a wonderful new harem in northern Michigan and we look forward to seeing his progeny there. We are expecting a few litters sired by Lazuli for 2020 as well. Sadly Lazuli passed away in 2020.

MeadowMist CP Some Like It Hott

"Lichen" is a handsome buckskin son of Castle Rock Copper Penny and Caprine Acres Hott Summer Nite. We were pleased with Lichen's crop of 2019 at Spotted Acres where he was on lease for 2018. We also had a nice litter sired by Lichen out of Ersa Acres BI More Black Ice. As part of our downsizing of our considerable buck pen, Lichen has moved on to his own herd in south western Michigan. We look forward to seeing his future offspring. 

MeadowMist My Minuet

Lovely Minuet is from Ginger Cake's first litter here at MeadowMist. She earned her dry leg as a Sr Kid and received much praise from the appraisee in 2019. Minuet now resides at our sister farm, Whiffletree Farm. 

MeadowMist MT Rum-ba

Rumba is from Ginger's second litter here at MeadowMist. She is an extremely dairy doe, much the opposite of older sister Minuet. She earned her dry leg as a Sr Yearling. Rumba now resides at our sister farm Whiffletree Farm. Her daughter MeadowMist CP Lil Ragamuffin remains at MeadowMist to carry on her legacy. 

MeadowMist HD My Mischief

Mischief is a very exciting young doe who received much praise from the appraiser in 2019. Hopefully she will get over her phobia of shows! Mischief now resides at our sister farm Whiffletree Farm. 

Caprine Acres Hott Summer Nite

Caprine Acres Hott Summer Nite was a Farm favorite and always searching our pockets looking for cookies. Summer now resides with iur sister farm Whiffletree Farm. 

Gypsy Moon DH Oolong

We lost our beautiful Oolong in 2020!to complications from kidding/c-section. Her single doeling was lost as well and is buried with her mother. Oolong was a treasured member of our her and will be forever missed. We will be using her son, MeadowMist L Samari Chai (owned by Whiffletree Farm) in our 2020 breeding program with hopes of retaining a doeling. 

MeadowMist L Bijou

Bijou is our lovely daughter of Rosasharn BH Cashew Turtle who has a very promising future. She now resides at our sister farm Whiffletree Farm and has a daughter MeadowMist IV Bis Otto here at MeadowMist to carry on her legacy. 

MeadowMist RE Phantom Elk

Phantom is the son of SGCH Stonebroke Farm N Linnaea Rose and Kyeema Ridge Roaming Elk. We have had several litters sired by Phantom and daughters MeadowMist PE Cookie Monster and MeadowMist PE Tiger Lily remain to carry on his torch here at MeadowMist. Meanwhile Phantom has returned to his roots at Kyeema Ridge Farm to begin the next stage of his career.