2019 Schedule

MeadowMist SW Obi Wan

MeadowMist SW Obi Wan

The 2019 kidding season is in the book! We ended up freshening 17 does.  Please let us know if there is a particular doe you are interested in because doelings go very fast. Click on the dam or sire's name to view their pedigree.

Reservations are available, no deposit is required until the kid is 3 weeks old.  At that time a $100 deposit is required to hold your kid or the reservation will be forfeited.  Deposits are non-refundable unless a kid is injured or dies, in which case the deposit will be refunded.  Prices range from $300 - $1,000 for show and breeding stock,  $200 - $250 for pet quality does, and $100 for wethers.  We are opting to have our wethers castrated with a burdizo as we feel it is more humane than banding.

4th freshening, kidded 1/6/19, quads (3 bucks, 1 doe)
L1 Buck- Sold
L2 Buck- Sold
L3 Doe- Sold
L4 Buck- Sold

4th freshening, kidded 1/29/19, quads (2 bucks, 1 live doe)
L5 Wether- Sold
L6 Doe- Sold
L7 Wether- Sold

Gypsy Moon HS Kahlua

1st freshening, kidded 1/29/19, triplets (2 does, 1 buck)
L8 Doe- Sold
L9 Doe- Sold
L10 Buck- Available

3rd freshening, kidded 2/10/19, single doe doa

7th freshening, kidded 2/19/19 tripletw as (2 bucks, 1 doe)
L14 doe- sold
L15 buck- sold
L16 buck- sold

6th freshening, kidded 2/16/19, triplets
L11 buck- sold
L12 buck- sold
L13 doe- retained

4th freshenng, kidded 2/23/19, single doe
L17 doe--. retained

3rd freshening, kidded 3/7/19, triplets (2 bucks, 1 doe)
L18 buck- sale pending
L19 doe- sold
L20- buck- sold

6th freshening, kidded 3/16/19 with triplets (2 bucks, 1 doe)
L21 buck retained
L22 buck-available
L23 doe- retained

1st freshening, kidded 3/16/19, triplets (2 bucks, 1 doe)
L24 buck-sold
L25 buck- sold
L26 doe- sold

5th freshening, freshened 3/21/19, single buck
L27 Buck- sold

2nd freshening, kidded 4/1/19, triplets. (2 does,1buck)
L28 buck- sold
L29 doe- sold
L30 doe- sold

2nd freshening, kidded 4/5/19, quads (3 bucks1 doe doa)
L31 buck- available to lease
L32 wether- available
L33 buck- sold

2nd freshening, kidded 4/20/19, triplets (2 does, 1 buck)
L34 buck- sold
L35 doe- sale pending
L36 doe- sale pending

1st freshening, kidded 5/9/19, buck/doe twins
L37 doe- sale pending
L38 wether- available

2nd freshening , kidded 6/21/19, buck/doe twins
L39 buck- available
L40 doe- retained

Kyeema Ridge Roaming Elk

We have the opportunity to use this very nice young buck recently purchased by Diamond Bark Farm. His OMF lines are very complimentary to Linnaea 's
Does $500 Bucks $400-$500

Does $250, Wethers $100

Kahlua excels in rump structure and very strong feet. Does $400

Does/bucks $450-$550

Does/bucks $700-$800

Woodbridge Farmr Dott Matrix

Does/bucks $450-$550

Apparently didn't settle, will be doing extended lactation

A repeat breeding, blue eyes possible.
Does $600
Bucks $500

Does/bucks $400-$500, blue eyes possible

Blue eyes probable.
Does/bucks $450 - $550

Does/bucks $450

Does $500
Bucks $400

Does/bucks $450-$550

Did not settle

Heavy Castle Rock genetics
Does $400-$500

Did not settle

Does $400