2018 Schedule

The 2018 kidding schedule is complete and we will freshen 19 does. Please let us know if there is a particular doe you are interested in.  Reservations are available, no deposit is required until the kid is 3 weeks old.  At that time a $100 deposit is required to hold your kid or the reservation will be forfeited.  Deposits are non-refundable unless a kid is injured or dies, in which case the deposit will be refunded.  Prices range from $300 - $900 for show and breeding stock,  $200 - $250 for pet quality does, and $75 for wethers.  

Sales policy: We reserve the right to refuse a potential buyer for any reason. PayPal is the preferred method of payment. The buyer is responsible for any fees associated with intrastate health certificates, shipping containers and transportation.

Goats shall be picked up at an agreed upon time. Please provide verbal notification in the event you cannot make the scheduled time. A second failure to pick up goats at the agreed upon time will result in forfeiture of the deposit and reservation.

All goats sold from MeadowMist Nigerians will be healthy at the time they leave the property.  No guarantee is made for the future health of the goat once it is no longer in our care.  All adult goats are tested annually for CAE and Johnnes.  We do not test for CL due to lack of testing reliability however, in the event of any abcess a culture will be performed to rule out CL.

5th freshening
Freshened 2/22/18 Quads
Buck- gold/white $650 (sold)
Buck- red $700 (Sold)
Doe- gold/white (retained)
Doe- buckskin $700 (Sold)

Third freshening
Freshened 2/27/18 single
Buck- red/white TBD

Third freshening
Freshened 3/9/18 quads
Doe- light buckskin $250 (Sold)
Buck- buckskin/white $75 (Sold)
Doe and buck deceased

Ginger was bred to Dauntless which will be a line breeding to Rosasharn BB Son of Honey +*B. Doelings will be $700-$800, bucklings will be $700-$600

Repeating the breeding that gave us Captain Morgan in 2017.

Onyx has the largest orifices of all our does. Doelings will be $250, all buckling will be wethered.

Second freshening
Freshened 3/29/18, triplets
Buck- gold/white $300
Buck- gold/white TBD
Wether--gold/white - $75 (sold)

Second freshening
Freshened 3/31/18, triplets
Doe- broken buckskin/blue eyes (retained)
Doe- black/white $500 (sold)
Doe- black/white, blue eyes $500 (sold)

Third freshening
Freshened 4/2/18, twins
Buck- Chocolate chamoise/blue eyes $400 (sold)
Doe- chamoissee, $600 (sold)

Second freshening
Freshened 4/8/18, triplets
Doe- gold/white $450 (sold)
Buck- shaded gold? $400 (sold)
Buck- gold/white $350

Second freshening
Freshened 4/4/18, twins
Buck- broken buckskin/,blue eyes, $350 (sold)
Doe- broken buckskin $400 (sold)

6th freshening
Freshened 4/6/18, quads
Doe- broken buckskin, $650 (sold)
Wether-broken buckskin/blue eyes $75
Doe- chocolate buckskin/Blue eyes $600 (sold)
Doe- belted buckskin, $600 (sold)

5th freshening
Freshened 4/10/18, twins
Doe- gold/white, $500 (sold)
Buck- black/white $400

Second freshening
Freshened 4/23/18, Twins
Doe-Buckskin $800 (sold)
Doe- chocolate buckskin/white, $700 (sold)

First freshening
Freshened 4/27/18, Twins
Doe- broken buckskin, $400
Wether- gold/white, $75

First freshening
Freshened 4/29/18 twins
Doe-chamoisee. Retained
Buck- buckskin/white. Retained

First freshening
Freshened 5/8/18, triplets
Doe- gold/white (retained)
Doe- red/white $400 (sold)buck- cream/white, $250

2nd freshening
Freshened 5/10/18, twins
Buck- solid black $250
Buck- black roan, TBD

First freshening
Freshened 5/13/18, triplets
Buck- chocolate chamoise/moonspots $250 (sold)
Doe- white/black, $450 (sold)

4th freshening
Freshened 5/15/18, triplets
Buck-gold/white TBD
Buck- white/gold TBD
Buck- Black/white TBD

First Freshening
Due date: June 2

First Freshening
Due date: June 6

A repeat of the breeding that gave us Zephira and Pandemonium in 2017.
Kids will be $500.

This is a repeat breeding that produced Pyxis last year. Sirius did very well in the show ring in 2017. Doelings will be $600, bucklings will be $400.

Last minute change! 2017 doeling going to Nationals! This is a line breeding to Rosasharn BB Son of Honey +*B. Doelings will be $450.

Another last minute change. Doelings will be $400.

Turtle is a farm favorite and she never disappoints us with her babies- she typically has triplets. Doelings will be $600, buckling will be $500.

Akoya is a special little doe who consistently out-produces herself. She typically has triplets. Doelings will be $400-$500, bucklings will be $400.

Old Mountain Farm Sting'n Ned

Ned is Linnaeus's sire, refer to her pedigree to see Ned's Will accept one more reservation for 2018. Kids will be $700-$900

Our Siu Mai daughter with lots of moon spots crossed with our new Castle Rock buck- looking for some nice udders with this pairing. Doelings will be $400.

Doelings will be $400 and these should be some very nice show prospects.

Rum-ba is an especially nice doeling who earned her dry leg in 2017. Doelings will be $400-$500 and should be excellent show prospects.

StoneBroke Farm ND Donaghy

Dragonfly/Algedi x Old Mountain Farm. Doelings will be $500

Starwars' first litter! Doelings will be $450-$550 and should be excellent show prospects, prefer performance/show home.

Oolong did not settle and has been bred to Star wars. Doelings will be $400.


Doe/buck- SG
Doe-buck- JG



Zephira surprised us with her growth and she is super wide! Doelings will be $400

Our first Dauntless daughter to freshen. Does will be $400.