Milk Herd Shares

A batch of cottage cheese in progress.

A batch of cottage cheese in progress.

MeadowMist Nigerians Herd Shares 

Updated 2/3/22 (Please note: we will have limited herd shares available for 2022)

In the state of Michigan it is not legal to sell raw milk.  However, it is legal to consume or utilize raw milk from animals that you own.  Because this is not practical for everyone, farmers who keep dairy animals have devised a system in which people who would like to receive fresh milk can buy a share of the dairy herd.  Costs for feed, medical care and labor to milk, handle the milk properly and do regular maintenance chores are calculated to determine the cost per month to keep our goat herd.  We base our price per herd share on this amount.  Delivery, when available, may also be incorporated into the herd share cost.  Pastuerization is now available upon request. 

The purpose of offering herd shares is to find good use for our excess milk, and to allow those who cannot produce their own milk to have access to fresh milk, especially for cheese, yogurt, and soap making.  Does will be dried off and allowed to rest from December until kidding.  Our baby goats are born from March - May and the kids consume about half of our milk for about 8 weeks. 

Milk will be dispensed in glass jars which are intended to be returned for re-use.  Jars need to be returned clean, but need not be sanitized because all jars will be sanitized on the farm prior to re-use.  All milk is obtained under sanitary conditions via milking machine directly into glass containers. The milk is then strained to remove any potential impurities and quickly chilled.

The herd share owner must understand and agree that they take all responsibility for ownership and consumption of the milk from the share they own.  The farm will not be held responsible for any problems the owner has with the milk after it leaves the farm. 

All herd share owners are welcome to visit the herd at any time.  Please call the farm in advance to let us know you are coming.  Normal milking times are 8:30 am and 8:30 pm, but can vary.  Please call 269-626-8583 or 269-330-0481.

Herd Share Price per month

¼ share - $8 (available May through Dec.)  ~ 1 quart per week

½ share - $16 (available May through Dec.) ~½ gallon per week

 1 share - $32 (available May through Dec.) ~1 gallon per week

 1 ½ shares - $48 (available June through Oct.) ~1 ½ gallons per week

  Delivery- $5 - $10 per month depending on mileage

  Pasteurization - $5 additional per month

I agree to the conditions stated above and agree to purchase ____ herd share(s) from MeadowMist Nigerians which entitles me to receive fresh goat milk on a weekly basis for my personal use only.  Herd Share fee is due by the 10th of each month.  Failure to pay the monthly Herd Share fee will result in termination of Herd Share ownership.  Glass milk containers are to be returned within 30 days. I want my milk to be _______ unpasteurized ______pasteurized (please check one)

 Herd Share Owner: _____________________     Date: ____________