2020 Breeding Schedule

MeadowMist SW Maz Kanata

MeadowMist SW Maz Kanata

The 2020 breeding season is completed and kidding will begin in late Feb. March looks like it will be a very busy month, fingers crossed. This year I've been calling a lot of audibles, we have some great JR bucks to work with and also wanted to use some of our departing bucks while we still had the opportunity, so planned pedigrees out the window for now. And we had a new addition to the buck line up in mid December and are squeezing in some litters from him  

Please let us know if there is a particular doe you are interested in because doelings go very fast. We will have 4-5 first fresheners that we are very excited about. Conspicuously absent from the schedule are Rosasharn BH Cashew Turtle 5*M who is retired due to a leg injury and Fairland Farm Tofu Thyme 1*M who is also retired. Click on the dam or sire's name to view their pedigree.

Reservations are available, no deposit is required until the kid is 3 weeks old.  At that time a $100 deposit is required to hold your kid or the reservation will be forfeited.  Deposits are non-refundable unless a kid is injured or dies, in which case the deposit will be refunded.  Prices range from $300 - $1,000 for show and breeding stock,  $200 - $250 for pet quality does, and $100 for wethers.  

2nd freshening, kidded 2/14/20, DNA testing
M1 wether(bl/whi) sold
M2 Doe (buckskin) Sold
M3 Wether (roan) sold

5th freshening, Kidded 2/24 triplets.
M3 wether (buckskin)Sold
M4 doe (chamoisee)Sold
M5 doe (roan chamoisee) Sold

7th freshening, Kidded 2/29, quads(3 does, 1 buck
M7 doe (lt gold) Sold
M8 doe (gold/white)Sold
M9 doe (red gold) Sold
M10 Buck (Black/white)-$650

1st freshening, kidded 3/1, triplets (2 does, Buck doa)
M11 Doe Sold
M12 Doe white/buckskin retained

3rd freshening, kidded 3/11/20 triplets (2 bucks, 1 doe)
M13 doe chami/white $450 sold
M14 wether chamoise Sold
M15 wether white/gold Sold

3rd freshening, kidded 3/12/20 twin does
M16 Doe chammy/whie $450 sold
M17 Doe white/chami $450 Sold

1st freshening, Kidded 3/13 with buck/doe twins
M18 wether lite gold $100 sold
M19 Doe gold/white $400 sold

5th freshening, Kidded 3/14 buck/doe twins
M20 Doe buckskin retained
M21 buck chami/white $650-leased

3rd freshening, Kidded 3/20 quads (3 bucks, 1 doe)
M22 wether gold/white $100- sold
M23 wether gold spotted $100- sold
M24 Wether gold/white $100 sold
M25 Doe gold/white $450-pending

1st freshening, kidded 3/22
Triplets (2 bucks, doe)
M26 Doe Chami/white Sold
M27 Wether Chami/buckskin combo, blue eyes Sold
M28 wether buckskin/chami combo, Husband retained!

2nd freshening, kidded 3/26 quadruplet bucks
M29 buck chocolate buckskin/blue eyes $400 pending
M30 wether chocolate/white $100- sold
M31 wether black/white $100- sold
M32 buck white/buckskin blue eyes $350 pending

MeadowMist CC Akiko

3rd freshening, kidded 3/27 triplet bucks
M33 buck white/gold, polled, blue eyes $400-sold
M34 buck buckskin/chami combo polled $350 pending
M35 buck chamoise/white, polled, blue eyes $350 Sold

8th freshening, kidded 4/1/20 triplets (2 does 1 buck)
M36 doe buckskin $400- Sold
M37 doe buckskin/chami combo $400- sold
M38 buck $350 Sold

2nd freshening, kidded 4/4/20 single buck
M39 Buck- gold/white $300 Sold

1st freshening, kidded 4/19/20 buck/doe twins
M40 Buck-white/moon spotsPending
M41 Doe- chocolate/white $400 pending

2nd freshening, due 5/18/20
Doe retained
Doe- KH
Doe- JMD

1st freshening, due 5/18/20
Doe- retained
Doe- KM

3rd freshening, due 5/31/20
Doe- KM

First freshening, due 5/31/20
Doe- retained
Doe- JMD

Mischief is a dream to milk and is a gorgeous doe. If only she would behave at shows! Doe $400 Buck $350

Onyx's kids are sold as pets, they are great for 4-H. does $250, wethers $100.

Ginger has been on the Elite doe list twice and is looking better than ever. We decided to go with Starwars this year, a line breeding to Tom Thumb. Does $900, Bucks $700

Esmeralda did not settle so will be a ff 2 year old. Phantom is a gorgeous jr buck Does- $400

Last minute change to Copper’s son, we love the Cleveland Sage/Harvest Moon Cross and adding Rosasharn as well Does $450 Bucks $350

Looking for these to be very dairy kids. Does $450, Bucks $400

Line breeding to Ginger Cake and Buckwheat Honey!!
Does $400

Sirius is a lovely doe and we are blessed to have her. Does $850, Bucks $700

Third pairing of these two, we would sure love to get another doe from them.
Does $450 Bucks $400

Muffin earned her dry leg this year as a yearling, she will be a 2 yr old ff and is a farm favorite. Blue eyes possible. Does $400

WingDing is currently over 500 days in her lactation and is a dream to milk. Blue eyes possible
Does $400

Very happy to bring Akiko home, she is a polled Akoya daughter sired by Zanzabeez ZSR Crowd Control. Polled and blue eyes possible. Does $400

Tinker has earned her milk star and is amazing for 9 years old. Does $400

This will be a repeat breeding from 2019, those kids were all exceptional. Does $500 Bucks $400

Gemini is a good sized doeling, pairing her with Phantom is a line breeding to Old Mountain Farm Peris, expecting some wow factor coloring. Does $400

Icie will be a 2 year old 2nd freshener, she has a lovely soft, globular udder. She did not settle probably due to illness so will visit the court of Invigorated. Does $400

Blue eyes possible, expect a very colorful litter.
Does $400

There’s an exciting new man in town! Blue eyes possible
Does $400

Our 2019 Turtle doeling has grown well. This is going to be an amazing cross!
Does $400