Fairland Farm SM Tinker Bell 1*M VVVV 86

Updated 2/5/22  Now retired  

So much for cutting back! We have wanted to add some more Fairland Farm genetics back into the mix and could not pass up the opportunity to acquire aged doe Fairland Farm SM Tinker Bell. Tinker is the dam of our 2018 doeling Ersa Acres BI More Black Ice who won her classes at both shows she attended in 2018.

Tinker is a very correct doe as one would expect from her fantastic genetics. At 9 years old she shows no sign of aging. Her dam is CH Kaapio Acres Bambi EEEE 91 who was 2nd place 5-6 year old doe at the 2013 ADGA Nationals. 

Tinker was not milked in 2018 but was nursing an older kid. We had no trouble getting her into the milking string and producing a modest amount of milk after she arrived in mid Sept 2018. She was bred to Castle Rock Copper Penny*B and produced triplets (2 bucks and one doe) in Feb 2019. 

One thing we did not expect is Tinker's personality- she is quite the character!! She is the second Fairland Farm doe we have owned that knows how to unlatch doors, she is exceptionally smart and very outgoing, not to mention mischievious. Tinker has very quickly endeared herslf to us, it's impossible not to laugh at her antics.

In 2019 Tinker started on milk testing for the first time. She has earned her AR milk star and also competed in 2 shows this year in the aged doe class.  Although she did not win, she placed well in all 4 rings and received many good compliments. Tinker was appraised in Sept, 8 months into her lactation at 9 years old and was scored VVVV 86 which we were very happy with. Her previous appraisal was VVE+ 87.  Tinker is bred to Castle Rock Coppee Penny *B again for March 2020 freshening. She has great strength and dairyness and is holding up extremely well, she could easily pass for half her age. 

Tinker Bell has earned a well deserved retirement after a difficult delivery of a single kid in 2022 at the age of 12. She might not be the herd queen but has earned honorary title of the herd Duchess as she is a high ranked doe, respected by all.  She excels at making mischief at any opportunity as she is extremely smart and capable of figuring out how to open gates and latches. We are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to add Tinker Bell to our herd as an aged doe, she has made many contributions and is highly commended for her resistance to parasites and disease. Other than a persistent knee injury in 2021 she has remained sound and in excellent body condition. 

CH/MCH/PGCH Kaapio Acres SG Silver Moon

Sire: CH/MCH/PGCH Kaapio Acres SG Silver Moon

Fairland Farm SM Tinker Bell

CH Kaapio Acres Bambi

Dam: CH Kaapio Acres Bambi EEEE 91

Fairland Farm SM Tinker Bell, 11 years, 10th freshening


Fairland Farm SM Tinker Bell has 7 registered offspring from 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Her twin doelings from Jan, 2018 are ERSA Acres BI Artic Floe and ERSA Acres BI More Black Ice sired by Castle Rock Brash Ice (Castle Rock Harvest Moon +B x GCH ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Black Ice 2*M)

Tinker Bell had triplets (2 d, 1 b) sired by Castle Rock Copper Penny (also a son of Castle Rock Harvest Moon) in 2019 and was bred to Copper again for 2020 which produced triplets (2 d, 1 b). In 2021 Tinker had vet assistance to deliver triplets sired by Castle Rock Copper Penmy *B, all were bucks. Tinker was bred once more to MeadowMist PE Phantom Elk for 2022 which resulted in a single doe kid that was doa with vet assistance. At 12 years old, Tinker Bell has earned her retirement and will no longer be bred. She produced 9 living kids for us in the 4 years we have freshened her and has always remained remarkably healthy and parasite resistant. 

ERSA Acres BI Ice Floe (2018)

MeadowMist CP Titan Moon (2019)

ERSA Acres BI More Black Ice (2018)

MeadowMist Little Miss Gemini (2019)

Whiskey (wether, 2019)