For Sale

The 2022 kidding season is Finally done. Below are listed available kids. We currently have one jr buck available and one wether that is suitable for a buck companion or a teaser male  

Our herd was tested negative for CAE in 2021 and Johnes in 2021 We have never had any positive animals. 2022 testing is in progress  

Sales Policy 

 Sales policy: We reserve the right to refuse a potential buyer for any reason. Proof of acceptable housing will be required for all goats sold.  Reservations are available at no cost but as such are not a guarantee. PayPal (please use "sending to friend"), check or cash are acceptable methods of payment. The buyer is responsible for any fees associated with intrastate health certificates, shipping containers and transportation. Edited to add no sale has been agreed upon until a deposit  has been accepted  

Goats shall be picked up at an agreed upon time. Please provide verbal notification in the event you cannot make the scheduled time. A second failure to pick up goats at the agreed upon time will result in forfeiture of the deposit and reservation.

All goats sold from MeadowMist Nigerians will be healthy at the time they leave the property.  No guarantee is made for the future health of the goat once it is no longer in our care.  All adult goats are tested annually for CAE and biannually for Johnes.  We do not test for CL due to lack of testing reliability however, in the event of any abcess a culture will be performed to rule out CL.

P26 MeadowMist IV Downtown Brown Reduced to $250 due to upcoming surgery, DOB 3/29/22

Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Invigorated *B (GCH Wood Bridge Farm Understated ++*B x Kitty Branch A Violet Rose 2*M)
Dam: MeadowMist SW Cocoa Puff (CH Gypsy Moon WP Star Wars x Gypsy Moon HS Kalyan 2*M)

Here is a good chance to add some Wood Bridge Farm genetics to your herd at a rock bottom cost. Invigorated is a grandson of 2 National champion does. . This little guy is a chocolate chamoise and his dam is out of our best udder doe. Someone will be getting a heck of a deal.

P12 Sandpiper- wether Private treaty

Sandpiper was castrated by a vet and unfortunately they must have missed some tissue so he is very bucky although he does not stink or pee all over. He is doing great being housed with the bucks, he is too persistent to be housed with does.