Shorthanded Farm Onyx Amulet 2*M

Updated 8-5-20

Onyx certainly did fill out! Everyone that sees her asks when she is due. Despite her very large demeanor, the appraiser was very impressed with her and she earned her milk star during her first lactation. Although she is not that old, the time has come to retire Onyx from breeding. She has very large litters with very large birth weight kids, average 4.6 lb. Neither she nor I want to go through that again so she will spend the rest of her days being the herd's regal co-Queen  

Onyx is the only kid retained in 2015 and she has a forever home here due to her very friendly personality and is expected to freshen at the end of April. She has a lot of filling out to do, it is going to be interesting to see how she matures.  Her dam is a powerhouse with an LA score of VVVE 89 and earned her AR star with this being the first year on test. Onyx succeeded in becoming a 2*M in 2016.  

Deer Ridge Twilight Hunter

Side: Deer Ridge Twilight Hunter.
Photo courtesy of Shorthanded Farm

Gypsy Moon DH Roobi 1*M VVVE89

Dam: Gypsy Moon DH Roobi 1*M VVVE89

Gypsy Moon DH Roobi 1*M

Gypsy Moon DH Roobi 1*M in late lactation 12 hour fill. Roobi completed her first DHIA year by earning an AR star, qualifying in each category.