ARMCH SG Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*M, photo courtesy of Rosasharn Farm.

ARMCH SG Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*M, photo courtesy of Rosasharn Farm.

Updated 11/22/21

When putting together the cornerstones of our breeding program, the goal of perpetuating a dairy type, high producing goat that can also score well in linear appraiasal and compete successfully in the show ring is our ultimate goal.  In other words, a long, lean, milking machine!  Of the Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats I was first attracted to, I found a common ancestor worthy of serving as the foundation of the MeadowMist herd. MeadowMist foundation does are descended from ARMCH SG Rosasharn's Buckwheat Honey 3*D, 3*M, EEEE91, 2007 AGS National Champion Doe, 2010 Reserve ADGA National Champion Doe.  Most of our goats trace to Buckwheat Honey through her various offspring including SGCH Rosasharn UMT Tupello Honey 4*D 4*M.

Future Champions

GCH-ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Black Ice 2*M 4*D EEEE 92.  Photo courtesy of Castle Rock Farm.

GCH-ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Black Ice 2*M 4*D EEEE 92. Photo courtesy of Castle Rock Farm.

We were introduced to more of the west coast genetics in 2015 when the ADGA Nationals were held in Oregon. There were lots of admirable does but one that really stood out to us was GCH-ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Black Ice 2*M 4*D EEEE 92 who won the aged doe class. We really fell in love with this beautiful girl.

After doing some research on Castle Rock bloodlines and studying their goats, we decided to incorporate the Castle Rock line into our breeding strategy as well. One thing that draws us to this line is the fact that they do milk testing, linear appraisal and also show at the highest level. This is the type of dairy animal that we desire to produce. (Note- very sadly most of the Castle Rock herd was lost in the 2020 southern CA wildfires  Our heart goes out to them). In 2018 we had the opportunity to add Castle Rock Copper Penny *B as one of our herd sires and have been very happy with his offspring. 

And coming full circle, our first two does were purchased from Fairland Farm and are well loved family members. As of June, 2018, our very first finished champion was none other than GCH Fairland Farm AR Sirius 1*M. The more we see of the Fairland Farm along with Kaapio Acres and Caprine Acres, the more we love them. We have added one more Fairland Farm doe as well as retaining Sirius' daughters, MeadowMist MX Gemini Rising, MeadowMist Rising Star And MeadowMist IV Celestial Rising In 2020 we have added jr herdsire Cloven Croft Acres M Blizzard who represents 5 + generations of Kaapio Acres genetics

Finally we decided to bring in some Wood Bridge Farm genetics via 3 bucks, Wood Bridge Farm Invigorated *B, StraightWay Farm SF Deputy D, and Winning Streak CM Viscount. 2021 will be the first year to freshen Invigorated daughters.  

in 2019 we began partnering with Whiffletree Farm, and together we co-own several bucks including Wood Bridge Farm Invigorated. This gives us the opportunity to have greater genetic resources available, and we could not be happier with our partnership.  We plan to continue retaining our own stock going forward. Our goals are to produce animals capable of scoring excellent LA scores, be competetive in the showring, and have full lactations. It's a dream but we believe we now have the foundation necessary to achieve our dream.  We also want to produce kids that will do well for our customers and help them achieve their dreams as well.